Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you determine your fees?

                 The Social Security Administration sets Approved Organizational Representative   Payee fees each October for the  

                 following year. Current fees are set at $43/month.  

How does someone get a payee?

                  The Social Security Administration determines if someone needs a payee based on medical evidence, individual

                 history and living situation.  An individual who wishes to have a payee should discuss it with a their Local Social 

                 Security Office.

What does the AADMM membership signify?

                  Payee Plus, as a member of AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Managers) agrees to follow the Code of Ethics. As

                  Daily Money Managers, we recognize the importance of continuing education, understanding the rapidly changing needs 

                  of our clients and professional development.

What are important questions for someone managing my money?

                 "Are you or your agency approved to charge a fee for your services as a SSA Representative Payee?"

                         Payees receive a letter each year that state the fee they are allowed to charge.  The SSA can provide information on a                                  particular agency.

                 "Will I receive reports of my account activity?" 

                          Regular reporting is critical for you understanding your finances.

                 "How do you store my information?"  

                          It should be stored safely, with locked cabinets, security systems, encrypted data and professional shredding.

                 "What if I have questions?  How do I contact you?"  

                         There should be clear policies for returned emails and phone calls. Texting, Skyping and other newer technology trends

                         may be available.  Meetings should be available according to your needs.    

                 "How do you distribute my money?"

                         There should be a clear understanding of the distribution plan and the ability to change that plan as necessary.  Your 

                          personal needs and lifestyle should be taken into consideration.